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Raiders Strategy

✔ Learn to make 10% to 30% from within a day to a week ✔ Easy to follow STEP BY STEP formula ✔ Direct Application to market ✔ Using Stock Option with small capital starting from $100 and above

RM 1600.00

BreakOut Strategy

✔Learn how to take advantage of price breakthroughs at key positions for mid-term or short-term options trading ✔Step by Step guide to use GS Backtested Strategy to increase accuracy ✔Suitable to apply in Bull or Bear Market

RM 1600.00

Momentum Trading

Kinetic energy trading belongs to the short-term and short-term option trading strategy, which has a trend and a direction, and then gives you a strong momentum. Exclusive ad hoc kinetic energy indicator. The appearance of this indicator means that a mome

RM 1600.00

US Stock Option Technical Analysis

Options It is definitely a very wonderful financial product. In addition to buying in the right direction, the option can also profit from volatility, and it can also profit from non-directionality. There are so many strategies in options, you must unders

RM 1600.00

Expiration Day Option Strategy

The last date right strategy is a short-term trading strategy. It is called the right of a certain date on the last day of the option. Trading on the right of a certain date means that the profit and loss will be announced today. It is very dangerous to e

RM 1600.00