【1000 Traders Bootcamp】

Do you know how to Trade

US Stock Option / Futures?

If you are Trading now

BUT your result is NOT good


Every Business Needs Strategy
Selling Needs Strategy
Management Needs Strategy

In Trading, you can make money

BUT also LOSE money easily

IF you don't have a Validated STRATEGY



U.S. Stock Option / Futures


Strategy Training & Courses
Because we have trained more than

300 Traders

most of them starts from 0 experience
and we have provide them lifetime learning
And we have trained more than 30

US Stock Option / Futures

Professional Traders

Accumulated more than 3 years of feedbacks
from the students

Continuous Improvement &

We have Found a Method

Simple to Understand and Follow

We have now Started
our New O2O education system
to gather 1000 Traders

teaching many of us with 0 experience
to make profits from US Stock Market
Thus, we have launched our 1000 Traders bootcamp

With our Profiting Technical Analysis Strategies

for different market conditions

to Help you be successful in Trading

and to build your own trading styles

becoming your skillset for continuous income

Our course consists of
Hours of Teaching + Case Studies

(Lifetime Revision Online)

with 6 Winning Strategies

Teaching you our winning trading strategies with our proven track records!

Strategy Course 1
US Stock Option Techical Analysis

To master all option buyers (Buyer) and sellers (Seller) using option strategies, together with explanation of its fundamental, concepts and ideas.

To determine the suitable option strategies in different stock market trends. The course also provides explanation on what is the relationship of the Greek value and the option strategies in order to increase your profit and reduce stock. Very suitable for short-term operation traders.

This course also covers the interpretation of chart pattern which is important before choosing any option strategy.For trading by judging the current market trend. Understanding the market trend will help you to predict the future more accurately, thus achieving a higher probability of profitability.

In the golden section analysis method (Fibonacci), the candlestick reversal signal, the identification of the evolution of the graph trend and the time level of cross-graph, we can learn high-precision prediction and judgment methods as one of the main strategies.

Strategy Course 2
Raiders Strategy

Very suitable for SCALPING OR DAY TRADE

Capturing the right direction allows us to profit from the market. However, when we are not confident with the direction we have chosen and encounter retracement or false breakout , the FEAR of having losses will lead us to close our existing position.

In this course, the strategy is a more "offensive" approach in "attacking" the market, by scanning some directional stocks, with the use of the special Fractal Energy indicator. This strategies will help you to avoid any "trap" in the market. The opened position would be within a day or a couple of days.

Strategy Course 3
Break Out GS Strategy

One of our most popular.

This course will covers 2 different types of "Breakout" Strategy.Breakout normally happens after a certain stock move in range long enough to develop a new trend either up or down. Our strategy easily trigger for any “Breakout”no matter it is a Bull or Bear market.

For the 1st type, we use TTM family together with our scanning tools to detect any trigger based on minute chat.

The 2nd type further combines with GS own developed indicators。Duration of any trade using this strategy can be within a day to around 2 weeks.

Strategy Course 4
"0" Expiration Day Option Strategy

Using Buy Single option to open position and this is a directional strategy. Because of the extra booster given by GAMMA, thus the profit can be accelerated and profit within the day. Learn how to choose the option correctly near to expiration will be the key to make profit. This strategy REQUIRES only smaller amount of trading fund BUT the return can be more than 100% easily.

In this course,you will also learn how to use Initial Balance Range to analyse S&P 500 index and also NASDAQ to predict daily trend. The combination of both method will increase your winning rate.

Strategy Course 5
Momentum Trading

Popular Choice !

Very Straight forward, easy to learn and use strategy with high percentage of accuracy in achieving trading profits. This course will teach you 2 different Momentum Trading Strategies in Bull or Bear Market. Using of this strategy is easy with all the pre-set information provided.

You will also learn how to use TTM Squeeze , DMI Momentum and other indicators related to momentum studies. In addition, you will GET our special GS 4B Range indicator which will be able to predict for any big movement in the future trend before it happens.

Strategy Course 6
Futures Day Trading

Gold Futures(GC), is what we trade in US Future market. Gold has high liquidity,and it also meets our standards for scalping and Band trading using different strategies in futures and futures options.

You will learn about how to do Scalping, and able to carry out Buy and Sell multiple times whenever there is trigger, and learn how to take profit with speed.

You will also learn how to Band Trading, focusing on the entry point, and get profit in a longer period with less speed is required as compared to Scalping. Both Scalping and Band trading if combined well, served as and good attack and defensive trading method.

You will learn about another indicator called "Volume Profile",observing the fluctuation of "volume”and “price” affecting the future price. And also using Tick Chart before Minutes Chart, another method used to determine the continuation of trend or the reversal.


For all the above strategy courses, we will continue to conduct online or offline tuition classes to review with no venue fees, no tuition fees. The strategy we used will always be optimized and come with FREE update for any improvement, without any update fees required.

FREE GS Exclusive Indicator
(Value at RM1,000 – RM3,000)

Trading can be simple. All the indicators in our course are simple and easy to understand, easy to operate, do not need to calculate, all target prices and stop prices can be clearly seen. It takes very little time each day to determine whether there is a trading opportunity. This will help you to be more confident in your trading.

The various indicators of GS used in all courses are developed through a lot of back testing and analysis, and our GS exclusive indicators are developed focusing on each different strategies. Combining GS exclusive indicators in our trading strategy can more effectively increase profit opportunities up to 80% or more!


Do you often encounter the problem of choosing which US stock to trade?

To make things easier for you, you can get our GS stock screener for each strategy course that you have purchase. With just one button, we will help you to shortlist from a list of thousands of stocks that fit the strategy. Saving you time to go through one by one.


Choosing the right US stocks is very important for trading! It can helps you get better results in trading. So we have its own stock list in every strategy.

Each list is analyzed and selected from thousands of stocks to make your trading easier.


Free trial to our Copy Trade Channel where stock signals and triggers will be sent to you by our professional traders. You can benefit from their experience on the stock triggered, thereby increasing your success rate.

Through this channel, beginners can get familiar with the stock market faster and gain trading confidence, and you do not need any specific analysis and financial knowledge to enter the market, helping to improve your trading skills and profitability.


Every week, our professional traders will analyze the trend of U.S. stocks in LIVE! Mac Foong, founder and chief lecturer of Goldman Seeds will personally conduct this LIVE SESSION to analyse weekly stock market outlook to provide an insight to you on your trading!

Through this 1 hour LIVE Session, we will provide you on the analysis and summarize weekly macrofinance, market information, and forecast of individual stocks, helping you understand market trends better. This would allows you to continue to master and learn financial macro and trading knowledge even after our strategy course. This would allow you to quickly improve your trading experience and skills!

Free enrollment to our O2O business financing model
Opportunity to earn Trade Fund scholarships

It has always been our mission to develop more professional US stock options trader
Through our O2O business model

Apart from letting more people learn stock market trading strategies

We provides opportunities for qualified students
to receive up to RM 25,000 in scholarships from us
As capital funds for your tradings!


Watch the video below to understand
WHY we launch the 1000 Traders Bootcamp

Mac Foong

US Futures / Stock Option】Chief Strategist , FULL TIME TRADER
  • Founder of Goldman Seeds Management
  • 【US Stock Options & Futures】Chief Strategy & Trainer
  • Been promoted from supervisor level to Chief Executive Officer (CEO) in a subsidiary company to one of Malaysia public listed holdings
  • Currently a Full-time professional U.S. stock options and futures trader
  • Accumulated thousands of hours on chart analysis and backtesting of technical indicator
  • Has trained more than 300 traders
  • Awarded PP-PPD Audit Trainer in Malaysia
  • Appointed as one of the audit mentors for Malaysia government
  • Recognized internationally as a Financial / Stock Lecturer

Options/Futures are not always high risk

many of us people still dare not try it
Mainly for 2 reasons

Insufficient Knowledge

Incorrect Mentality

Start Trading US Options in small FUNDS Size

If you understand
the leverage and risk of Options/Futures


using our strategies

You will learn how to trade and make profit

Even if you have 0 experience

Even after 100 or maybe 200 years

will continue to exist!

As long as you can vision this
with just a computer, internet access
You can trade anytime, anywhere
  1. I have 0 experience in the US Stock market, is it easy for me to learn?
    The design of the course is from basic to intensive, and our courses will simplify all complex concepts, so those with "zero" knowledge can also easily learn and use it practically.
  2. Will the content of the course strategy be difficult to understand?
    All our Strategy Courses will be taught in a step by step approach, allowing all beginners to follow the steps to ensure that the chance of making mistakes is reduced.
  3. After learning the Strategy Course, how can I improve my Trading experience?
    Each course will share some trading case study according to different strategies. In addition, through free participation in weekly live market weekly outlook, copy trading channel, online/offline tutorial classes, etc., we will continuously help you to enhance your trading skills.
  4. I do not have a lot of capital, and it is in US dollars. How much capital does it take to start trading?
    Depending on your available capital, you can always start off with a minimum of $1K to start trading.
    However, we would recommend to have a range of $3k-$5k, as with this capital range, there are more stock options available.


Original Price for 1 Course is RM1,600




Why we give you 2 additional courses FREE?
This is due to the current pandemic situation
a lot of business and jobs are affected
Life will be more difficult in the future

We want to help those

who are interested in US STOCK MARKET

to benefit from current economic 10 year cycle
Learn new skill-set and make additional income by yoursel

There's More!

With our Latest O2O business models
we will provide additional Rebates & Scholarships
Course Rebate up to RM1600
Continuous Leaning up to RM5000
Trading Fund Scholarship up to RM20,000


With our newly launch 【1000 Traders Bootcamp】through O2O business model,
Our target is to achieve the target of 1000 Traders with a proactive approach
and also to help all our members to be able to
able to earn GS scholarship to gain fund for their trading!

Join us at Telegram Channel 【GS美股期权资讯站】 t.me/goldmanseeds for more information.