Goldman Seeds Management

Goldman Seeds Management founded in 2016 by Mac Foong with our training centre headquartered in Puchong, Selangor and a branch located in Desa Tebrau, Johor Bahru.

We strive to give each client the most suitable education and set of tools and strategy needed to become a successful trader. At your desired pace, we can guide you closer to your financial goals with our proven educational courses and programs. For clients that may need a more specialized solution, we offer algorithm trading system which is an automated trading system that will monitor and execute trading strategy almost at 24 hours a day.


Goldman Seeds has been offering U.S. Stock Option course for beginner level led by full time professional trader Mac Foong


New Advanced Stock Option & Futures Courses has been designed to groom GS Students towards becoming Full Time Stock Option Trader


First ever Algorithm Trading System on Futures in Malaysia developed by Goldman Seeds. Grand Launching Coming Soon!

Specialty Services

  • US Futures Course
  • Algorithm Trading System Provider
  • Trading Strategies Development
  • Trading System Customization & Development
  • Portfolio Adviser

Our Founder

Mac Foong

Without completing higher education, with the spirit of hard work, diligence and persistence, he has been promoted from a supervisor to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of a Malaysian listed company group subsidiaries company in just a few years.

In the later period, he began to involve technical analysis and boldly gave up his career. Attended professional training in Option & Futures Trading and have spent thousands of hours on analysis, back test and live trade. Currently he is a full time trader and also has trained more than 300 students on US Stock Option Trading and Futures

Our Vision

Professionalism as our core

Creates a financial ecosystem through our education system to foster good & professional traits of a trader, and also creates a systematic analytical approach, with methods used by professional traders worldwide

Education as our mission

All financial knowledge, technics, strategy and teaching materials are taught in the most authentic and truthful way as our core value of ethics education.

We have trained more than 300+ Traders and 20+ Qualified Option/ FutureTraders

Our Team

Our Mission

4 Golden Seeds


Contribution to society. Act of goodness & also filial piety is the key to create wealth in life


To educate & guide our clients to understand & learn about trading in a correct mindset and conveying factual info, data & news.


Cultivate wisdom into creating a well balanced life through the monry earned from trading


Creating wealth with financial & time freedom leading a well balance life